Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Moving on

There has been some cat-escaping-bagness, which is mainly my fault, but now that it's all official I'm going to 'announce' it myself: I've got a new job! From the end of July, I'll be working at Sophos as Senior Software Engineer, Mac (the post is still up at the linky in the title, for the moment).

This looks like being an exciting time - I've been enjoying the ObjC hacking I do with Brainstorm and this will be an opportunity to do even more of that, and the move from services to user-installed apps will bring its own changes and new experiences.

Erm, that really is all for now. More info as it becomes available, and all that.


Ian Robinson said...

Excellent news Graham. Hope it all goes well for you. Are they sending you to WWDC?

leeg said...

Thanks Ian. Certainly not this year - it's next week and I won't be working for them by then! Further on, who knows; it's in the job description so I'm hopeful and I know a Sophosian who's been sent this year ;-)

Chet said...

Welcome Aboard! I always thought we were Sophosticates.. But what do I know, I was an Activator.

Chet Wisniewski
Sophos Vancouver