Friday, April 07, 2006

So, here's the full system:

Networking is the biggest current issue, and replacing the default VGA display with something better would be useful, too. But it works :-)

Oh, and images of the driver disks are available from Apple.


Topher said...

April 17th? Can I borrow your time machine?

leeg said...

Hah - that's April 17th 1997. With no network I hadn't bothered setting the correct date - I haven't even installed the y2k patches. When I get networking, um, working, I'll configure NTP.

Anonymous said...

It looks so muc better in color! I've the VBW20DiplayDriver working. I set the target OS to 'Linux' and 'Other Linux' and turned onff the VT-x support in Parallels. I also had to muck with the order of the drivers.